Karnataka Opens Up To Investors In Its Textile Sector


Karnataka has invited textile companies all over India to start manufacturing facilities in the State with attractive schemes for interested parties. The Department of Handlooms and Textiles, Government of Karnataka, conducted a road show recently in association with the Southern India Mills’ Association, Tirupur Exporters’ Association, Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. R. Varthur Prakash, Minister for Textiles, Government of Karnataka, said that investors would not face shortage of labour or power in Karnataka.

The policy named ‘Suvarna Vastra Neethi’ seeks to encourage investment in textiles and apparel in Karnataka. The scheme has considered the demands of the textile entrepreneurs of Tamil Nadu. D.A. Venkatesh, Commissioner for Textile Development and Director, Handlooms and Textiles, Government of Karnataka, said that over Rs. 2,800 crore investments were in the pipeline in the State towards the textile sector.

The Karnataka government has been engaged in the holistic development of the sector. Cluster-based projects were encouraged so that small and medium-scale enterprises could come together in a textile park and share common infrastructure. The Government of Karnataka has left no stone unturned to give financial support for common facilities. Since skilled manpower is one of the main needs of the textile industry, the policy has made room for skill development of the staff involved. Mega projects have already been initiated at Bellary, Mandya, Bijapur and Bangalore.



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