Suggesstions are Invited of Public on Credit and Market Access Facilities for Foreign Trade


The Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Commerce, headed by Shri Shanta Kumar, M.P., Rajya Sabha has taken up the subject of “Credit and Market Access Facilities for Foreign Trade” for examination and report.

2. The Committee has decided to invite views suggestions comments from individuals experts institutions, organizations, stake-holders interested in the subject matter. The views suggestions  comments may, inter alia, focus on issues like assistance support  facilities available to the Indian exporters  importers, policy interventions required for strengthening the inherent capacity of MSME sector and facilitating bank and market access to the sector for foreign trade; structural reforms required in the foreign trade mechanism to make it risk-free and enable it to become priority sector for loan and finances; ways and means to infuse competitiveness to our production process and promote export of finished goods rater than raw material; infrastructural bottlenecks hampering efficient foreign trade; banking reforms desirable to facilitate low interest loans for the purpose of foreign trade, regulatory framework required to oversee the growth of foreign trade and check unfair practices; streamlining of various scheme/ incentives being offered by the Government, coordination between customs and DGFT authorities on foreign trade related policies/ schemes, co-opting State Governments to promote foreign trade; efficacy of Export Promotion Councils (EPCs), Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) and India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) to promote foreign trade, etc. The aforementioned issues are only indicative and not exhaustive.

3. Those desirous of submitting their views and suggestions to the Committee may send their written memoranda (either in English or Hindi) on the above subject to Shri J. Sundriyal, Director, Rajya Sabha Secretariat, Room no. 201, Second Floor, Parliament House Annexe, New Delhi-110006 (Tel.: 23034541) or e-mail at, with thirty days from the date of publication of this Press Communique. Those willing to give oral evidence before the Committee, besides sending Memoranda, are requested to indicate so. However, the decision of the Committee, in the regard, shall be final.

4. The memoranda submitted to the Committee would form a part of the records of the Committee and will be treated as confidential. These are not to be disclosed to anyone, till the report of the Committee is presented to Parliament, violation of which would constitute a breach of privilege of the Committee.

Rajya Sabha Secretariat Parliament of India, New Delhi, 4.11.2013. CCI Newswire