Alamak Capital introduces an innovative concept of Virtual CFO Services at affordable cost


New Delhi, November 22, 2013 :
  Alamak Capital is a boutique investment banking firm focusing on Equity, Debt, M&A and Advisory introduces Virtual CFO Services for companies to cut down in those economy slowdown.

Alamak has an advantage of industry veterans who served large companies in diverse industries with a collective experience of over 150 years.

With the gloomy economy condition and lots of competition around Alamak Capital realized a need for virtual CFO services across sectors. Currently, Alamak team is engaged with clients as virtual CFOin industries as diverse as real estate, travel and tours, Iron and steel, food processing and education with turnover ranging from 25 crore to 1,500 crore. We call this offering as virtual CFO.

Mr Rajesh Mittal Founder & Managing Director, Alamak Capital says “While embarking on this journey, we noticed that the clients have a tendency to outsource repetitive business processes; while ignore the value added and strategic aspects of the finance function. It is this strategic aspect which helps in more value creation than mere outsourcing of certain processes which result in limited cost saving. Alamak stated that while offering this service they encounter gaps in the organisational structure of the client and instead of handling those gaps on its own; encourages the client to recruit for the vacancies. Thus, Alamak continues to focus on high value added activities and build value.” CCI Newswire




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