Food & Beverage Industry – It’s DONE by VivaConnect


Mumbai,November,2014: VivaConnect, India’s Largest ‘Voice’ and ‘Missed Call’ company has ventured into Food and Beverage (F&B) industry by developing – ‘DONE’, a tailor made order management platform. The platform establishes it’s eminence by covering all possible contemporary mediums of placing an order i.e. Phone calls, Web and Mobile. The seamless integration of platform ensures delightful ordering experience. DONE is positioned as an optimum ordering platform for businesses offering F&B delivery including Restaurants, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR’s) and Food Chains.

DONE [1] is powered by VivaConnect’s cloud telephony platform which delivers every order directly to the outlet. It liberates restaurant’s manpower from registering orders over a phone call, thus promoting a faster turnaround time and improving overall work efficiency.As already mentioned, DONE provides 3 F&B ordering modes – a website for online orders, a mobile phone app (Android and iOS) and a call center setup (with a dedicated phone line), granting customers the privilege of choosing a F&B ordering means as per their preference.

Customers accessing computers can log on to the website and order a meal in 3 simple steps – choosing an outlet, preparing the order and checkout. The website is powered with an online payment gateway and it has a simplistic and intuitive design that leaves zero chance for errors.Every restaurant that subscribes to the platform, gets a mobile phone app that can be downloaded (free of cost) from Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS).DONE assigns every outlet with an easy to remember phone number and it’s powered with multiple phone lines to eliminate call waiting. The calls are answered by trained professionals to build an intriguing experience with customers. This avenue bolsters up-selling and raises brand affinity.Moreover, the customer receives an acknowledgement SMS for his order status at every stage during the order process. This is a standard feature regardless of the mode of ordering.

DONE uses Restaurant’s existing branding and even revamps it, if demanded. Its Content Management System (CMS) allows restaurant owners to easily manage and update their menu, prices, outlets and much more by logging over a website. They will receive a customized analytic report on daily and monthly basis. Google Analytics is Integrated for every website and mobile app.

This platform empowers brands to have their own Digital Medium which is now a must have for every F&B enterprise; as the Brand Experience matter a lot to contemporary customers. A plenty of famous food joints have faded away in-spite of serving delicious meal, just because they didn’t upgrade to mobile technology.

Done currently powers over 20 customers in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. A few of DONE’s customers are Box8, Natural Ice Cream, Pizza Corner, RushHrs, Eatsome, Wokinthebox [2], ichef, Torritup [3], Hangla’s [4], Zaffran [5] and Baskin-Robbins. Presently, the platform connects over 150 outlets, 20 customers in these 3 cities. Now, DONE is open to the entire Industry across Indian cities.

Vikram Raichura [6], VivaConnect’s Managing Director adds, “I firmly believe in the concept of the product creating the market and not the vice-versa, DONE is the epitome of the concept. VivaConnect [7] has now become an ecosystem that creates a lot of ecosystems built to connect consumers and businesses in an unprecedented manner. We are very happy to share our creation with the world.”

DONE is led by Himanshu Khona [8] (as a Director), holding over 14 years of experience in technology and is an expert in latest technological development as well as infrastructure set up. He performs 3 pivotal roles – Product development, Sales and Operations. Mr. Khona is highly passionate to make DONE the next big thing emerging from India, as a defacto platform for restaurant to manage their customer ordering experience.

DONE is a wholly owned subsidiary of VivaConnect. In its Initial stage, DONE’s core market was based in Mumbai and now it is already in talks with partners in UAE and US to expand its presence in overseas markets. CCI Newswire