International Tea Day Observed in Mumbai


DLECTA CAFE Hosts Awareness Programme And Tea Tasting Event By Launching Indigenously Developed Fresh Tea Brewing Machine

Mumbai, Jan 05, 2015: On the occasion of International Tea Day, Dlecta Café – India’s leading beverage vending solutions company observed the day by raising awareness on tea followed by a Tea Tasting session to celebrate the legacy of the iconic beverage. Prahlad Kakkar, renowned Ad man and tea aficionado attended the event and shared stories on his love for the beverage. The day was also marked by the unveiling of the first ever automatic fresh tea brewing machine. The machine is unique to the world of tea and is being patented for technology.

International Tea Day has been observed since 2005 in many tea producing countries most of which are Asian. The first International Tea Day was celebrated in New Delhi on the 15th December 2005 and has ever since been observed by several countries each year.

“International Tea Day was formerly introduced with the aim of drawing global attention of governments and citizens to the impact of global tea trade on workers, small growers and consumers. The forum has helped many small scale growers and workers to come together and become a collective voice of the industry. Today, we observe this day to continue reminding ourselves that tea is not just the favorite beverage of India but also that there is an entire industry that thrives and livelihoods that sustain because of tea,” says Mr. Deepak Jain, Founder and Managing Director, Dlecta Foods Pvt. Ltd.

“Even though Tea is lot more subtle and varied than coffee it is losing out to it because the younger generation is adapting to it and it is not promoted sufficiently. Tea is our heritage and should be promoted as the national drink of India,” says Mr. Pralhad Kakkar.

Mr. Jain also added that India being the second largest producer and biggest consumer of tea after China, is a global lead in this segment. “We occupy the fourth place in exports after Kenya, China and Sri Lanka, and together with these nations account for 78% of world production and 71% of world exports. In 2013 world tea production was 4819 million kgs, of which India’s share was 25% with a volume of 1200 million kgs,” he adds.

Dlecta Foods Pvt Ltd, the parent company of Dlecta Café is a leading name in the Food and Beverage (F&B) industry specializing in the dairy segment. The company is already a pioneer in the manufacture of dairy creamers. With the introduction of the tea brewing machine it has also become the first Indian company to make a breakthrough of significance in the tea vending circuit.

“The technology is one of its kind in the vending space and the first one for tea. Coffee has seen advancements from time to time and is now at a place where it enjoys dominance in the retail scenario. We wish to be progressive in our approach to bring tea to that level. In fact, India is pre-dominantly a tea drinking nation and given the deserved quality and taste, we are positive that tea will supersede all other beverages. Dlecta Café’s tea brewing machine is only the first of many steps that will lead to tea gaining cult status in the future,” concludes Mr. Jain. CCI Newswire