Instalively – Mobile Livestreaming App Which Bridges Youtube live and Social Media, Raised(120,000$)From Angels


New Delhi, April 11, 2015 – InstaLively, the first mobile app in the world which can Live Stream directly in HD from any android phone to You Tube has recently raised (120,000$) from six Angel Investors.

InstaLively is the first end-to-end LiveStreaming solution, available both on Mobile and the Desktop.

The six Angel Investors who have invested about 75 lakhs (120,000$) into this new venture includes Niraj Singh of Outbox Ventures ( , MeraEvents(, RajanAnandan – MD, Google India, Amit Ranjan – CoFounder, Slideshare [Acquired by LinkedIn]) , Rajesh Sawhney – Founder, GSF,former president of Reliance Entertainment , AECAL ( – German investor.

The primary aim of the fundraise is to capture the Global LiveStreaming market. The target market includes events ranging from Entertainment to Corporate to Personal Events (like Birthday parties, Weddings). IN THE PAST 2 MONTHS, THEY HAVE SUCCESSFULLY PILOTED WITH MARQUEE CLIENTS OF THE LIKES OF GOOGLE, MARY KOM, NASSCOM FOR START-UPS, NRITYABHARATI, GSF, MERAEVENTS, BELGIAN EMBASSY, AMONGST OTHERS.

InstaLively helps broadcast videos to the cloud in just a single click.The technology is such that using the InstaLively mobile app, one can LiveStream to Youtube directly from an Android Phone with a single click. Moreover, InstaLively has also builtDesktop Apps (Windows & Mac) to LiveStream from a Professional Camera.

The main USP of InstaLively is that it integrates seamlessly into one’s Youtube Channel and has two LiveStreaming modes – “Do-it-Yourself” OR “Get External Help”. In the latter, the nearest videographer comes to your location on the click of a button to Livestream/ Record the event into your Youtube channel (Talk about an Uber for Instant Video Creation!).

KARTHIKVAIDYANATH, CO-FOUNDER, INSTALIVELY, says “Our technology is way superior to LiveStreaming apps like Meerkat, or any other app doing the rounds lately. Cross-platform low bandwidth video delivery is important in Asian market and closely integrating with Youtube, InstaLively facilitates it way better than any other LiveStreaming solution in the market today.”

One of India’s leading angel Investors and investor in INSTALIVELY, RAJESH SAWHNEY FROM GSF said, “InstaLively is bringing together the video delivery capabilities of YouTube with the real time reach of Social Media”
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