VivaConnect – Creating Inclusive Marketing Campaigns, Online and Offline


Mumbai, March 06, 2016: VivaConnect, a Mobile Media Company with largest infrastructure for ‘Voice’ and ‘Missed Call’ services in India, launches ‘Helo Marketing Cloud’ for Brands, Media, Enterprises, Political Parties & Government Agencies. Helo Marketing Cloud is an integrated marketing suite that acts as one-stop-shop for all solutions required in a marketing cycle. Research reveals that 97% of brands feel that absence of structured data affects their ability to effectively optimize marketing campaigns and initiatives. Customers interact with Brands in multiple ways, daily, but these interactions are scattered over internet, mobile, television, radio, print, outdoor and most often in-stores. The dependency and inherent nature of each medium leads to broken customer experiences, ambiguity in marketing endeavours and huge fragmented data.

“‘Cross-media’, ‘Multi-channel marketing’ and ‘Re-marketing’ are the trending factors aimed at creating inclusive marketing campaigns, online and offline. In spite of this, all marketing communications happen in silos, leaving marketers clueless on how each customer interacted with their campaign across mediums. That’s why we created ‘Helo’, which enables marketers to merge the power of digital with the reach of telecom, providing a holistic view of how a customer individually interacts with every marketing campaign and what way of interaction they prefer the most.” said Mr. Vikram Raichura, Managing Director, VivaConnect.

With ‘Helo’, brands could let their customers subscribe to a YouTube channel, invite followers on Instagram, check-in or like on facebook, book a cab, send latest updates on request, subscribe to an addon pack, do a large scale survey, take feedback after a transaction, create groups with unlimited subscribers and create groups with unlimited subscribers and much more without internet or apps. This is possible because ‘Helo’ is built with a complete set of tools that are cross channel compatible and take complete care of the campaign right from content management to insights, to provide an experience to the customers like never done before in the mobile marketing space, thereby drawing a pattern of each customer’s journey with your Brand.

‘Helo’ is powered by context based communication products that provide analytics intelligently through a media that has the ability to stand alone or tag along with any channel – The Mobile. With the power of marketing cloud and metadata insights, ‘Helo’ enables brands to design conversations that convert the prospect into a customer and a customer into an influencer.

“What makes ‘Helo’ distinctive is, that it integrates with the ever popular channels of SMS, Voice, Missed call, Video, and Mobile web, used on a wider scale by marketers, thereby eliminating the need of forcing customers to install mobile apps of individual Brands. It eliminates the dependency on multiple vendors, a prevailing problem in this industry, consequently leading to a centralised control, faster turnaround time, and cost-effective engagement.” said Mr. Pranab Basu, Chief Delivery Officer, VivaConnect.

Corporate Comm India (CCI Newswire)