Purpose Of Life


New Delhi, January 30, 2018: The next step to the process of achieving our dreams is to make it our life’s purpose. As we discussed, there is no limit to the number of thoughts passing through a human mind. But do all these thoughts or dreams be achieved simultaneously? Can I be a badminton player and a cricketer simultaneously? No. it’s not practically possible. Then, how do we put to practice the immense power of our thoughts? What‘s the use of having such great dreams, if they cannot be materialised?

Each human being comes to the earth with a purpose for his life. When we recognise this
purpose for our lives, half the task is done. But recognising this purpose is the most
challenging task. Once the purpose is discovered, our life will never be the same again and we will put all our conscious and subconscious efforts towards achieving it.

When a thought, backed by desire, becomes the purpose of the life, then we move one
step closer to the achievement of my dreams. We need to set some timelines for the
achievement of the goal. We need to work hard in the direction of achieving the goal. It
has to become the purpose of one’s life. The reason to breathe. We need to define the
WHEN AND now for the dream to become reality. In other words, we can say that a definite plan of action is to be devised.

The purpose behind a desire to achieve a dream can be driven by various motives. The
driving forces behind the desire are to be identified. It can be anything from achieving
name and fame to money to emotional fulfilment. But whatever the driving force, a
proper quantity is to be decided. Suppose the reason for fulfilment of a purpose is to earn
money. Then we need to decide the exact amount to be earned, the timeframe in which
the earnings to be made and the amount of efforts to be put in to achieve the goal of earning a desired amount.

Unless and until such purpose or a plan is devised, we may toil hard, but we may not achieve the desired results. A life without purpose is like a ship navigating the oceans
without the compass. It may keep going along the flow, but it will never reach its
destination. This step is equally important in the achievement of the goals. Once the purpose is clear, working towards it becomes easier.

We should all have that one purpose which is the most important at this moment in our lives. It is usually that one goal that helps us achieve more of our other goals than  anything else we can accomplish.

This particular goal should be such that just thinking of it makes us excited and happy to toil for. It should be specific and measurable. It should be believable and attainable.

Setting unattainable targets would not help us in any manner. Also, this particular goal should be in harmony to all other goals of our lives.

Setting unrealistic and unattainable goals will demotivate us, instead of motivating to work hard.

When we first set out with setting purposes for ourselves, we should try to make them for a shorter time frame and with a possibility of being accomplished.

Suppose, a cricketer sets a goal of hitting a century in 10 balls, is it attainable? As per my
knowledge of cricket, this is not possible. This will not be attainable and will lead to
frustrations and negativity in the mind of the goad setter. Even he might not be able to
believe in the dream he has set forth. And until and unless we believe in something, visualise of attaining the same, we cannot make it possible in reality.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)