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New Delhi, April 19, 2018: Due to the growing urbanization, industrialization and use of excessive chemicals in agriculture, the food we eat is not fresh and hygienic anymore. In today’s time, most of the eatables are contaminated that can cause serious damage to our health. In answer to this problematic scenario, we can cultivate our own leafy greens and herbs, which will be more hygienic than today’s adulterated artificially, produced food items.  The urbanites have constraints of land, but have reasonable open spaces in their residential or office premises, where safe cultivation of hygienic vegetables is possible.

VeggieStar is the one stop solution to produce high quality and unadulterated VeggieStar .

VeggieStar is a multilevel system for growing leafy veggies/ herbs using hydroponic technology. Through VeggieStar one can grow, harvest and enjoy garden fresh greens in their own premises. It uses hydroponic technology to grow leafy green hygienically in R.O water.

VeggieStar involves numerous benefits like it can save up to 90% of water compared to the water required to grow plants using conventional method. Furthermore, VeggieStar also enable people to cultivate fresh vegetables round the year which are completely free from toxins and pesticides. The veggies grown in VeggieStar are completely free from soil borne diseases as there is no soil involved in the entire process. VeggieStar brings down the harvest time to minimumas all the nutrition required by plants are supplied directly through RO water. With the help of VeggieStar, a person need not to put much effort in producing veggies as it has inbuilt automation system which reduces human effort by 80 %.

Apart from producing fresh and unadulterated food, VeggieStar will freshen up the air at your premises and bring positivity. It comes with the complete package of equipment plus accessories, which will enable people to grow fresh and safe food in a hassle-free manner along with the premises interior enhancement. Like Aquariums one can feel pleasure to place the appealingly designed “VeggieStar” in their living room/ office premises.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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