Robots Catch attention in Science and Technology Exhibition at CMRIT, Bangalore


Bangalore, May 15, 2018: City based premier engineering college CMR Institute of Technology had organised Science and Technology Exhibition at its college premises. Students from various department took part in the exhibition to showcase over 100 innovative projects which aimed at providing solutions to real life problems in the field of Robotics, Rural Technology, Water Purification, Electricity Generation, Communication, Programming and many such vital areas which has become a necessity to the society.

Pranav, a student of electronics engineering came up with the idea of harnessing the heat energy from the road and used as a fuel for the solar vehicle. He explained that he was able to achieve this by integrating wind power, chemical energy with solar energy. Anand Burji another student from Electrical engineering has designed an Automatic railway gate control device to provide safety for the road users where there will be no scope of human error in the future.

Abstacle avoiding robot, Voice controlled robot, Autonomous terrain robots drew the attention of large number of crowd.

On the occasion Dr Sanjay Jain, Principal, CMRIT expressed his gratitude to the students who took part in the exhibition. He stated that the exhibition became a unique platform for college students and teachers to interact with innovators on their invention.

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Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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