Tissot Launches its New Boutique with Brand Ambassador Virat Kohli


New Delhi, May 17, 2018: Tissot, world leader in the Swiss traditional watch industry in units launched its new Boutique with Brand Ambassador Virat Kohli in Mantri Square Mall today. The 350 sq feet boutique, marks Tissot’s second stand-alone store in Bangalore.

Speaking on the occasion, Virat said, “I am extremely happy to be a part of this opening. Just another milestone in Tissot’s expanding global presence. Love its ultra-modern interiors showcasing their vast collection of timepieces. With an endevour to add new members to the Tissot family, I’m sure the new boutique with its engaging experiential zone will ensure an enhanced customer experience.”

Committed to providing the most innovative and best in class time pieces, the new boutique at Matri Mall will stand true to its retail concept with illustrative graphics, unique customer experiences, striking brand ambassador visuals and will of course also house some of the latest and most cutting-edge time pieces from Tissot’s collections; Touch Collection, T-Sport, T-Lady, T-Classic, Heritage, T-Gold, T-Pocket and Special Collections.



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