Indian AI Startup Staqu to assist Dubai Police with its AI-based predictive policing technology


The Gurgaon-based start-up was handpicked by Dubai police, out of its
677 global applicants_

New Delhi, May 22, 2018: Staqu, Gurgaon-based Artificial Intelligence
start-up has been selected to assist Dubai police in reducing the crime
rate, with its AI-powered predictive policing technology. Staqu made its
way to the top slot, out of the 677 applications received by the Dubai
Future Foundation from across the globe.

Dubai Police is aiming for a 25% reduction in violent crimes by 2021. It
is further intent on integrating artificial intelligence with its
current programs and databases, in order to provide analytics and
statistics that would support the decision-making process, hence
enabling quicker response time in emergency situations. To the same
accord, the police authorities of Dubai were looking for adept tech
partners. Staqu was amongst the 4 start-ups that were finally selected
to work with Dubai Police on their challenging and revolutionary set of
challenges. Following 9 gruelling weeks of intense scrutiny, Staqu,
along with another US-based start-up emerged victorious, finally signing
the MoU with Dubai Police.

Commenting on the most-recent triumph, ATUL RAI, CO-FOUNDER & CEO OF
STAQU said, “We are extremely humbled to be selected by Dubai Police
in its strive for reducing crimes in the city. We started Staqu three
years ago, with the vision of solving real-world problems with the help
of Artificial Intelligence. We are spell-bound at receiving this
opportunity to empower policing with Artificial Intelligence based
solutions in Dubai as well. We are forever grateful to the Dubai Police,
His Excellency Chief Commander Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, for showing
this much of faith in us and look forward to fully assisting the police
forces with our AI powered solutions.”


Activities of police forces on ground zero have been fraught with
several challenges like identifying criminals or predicting criminal
activities based on heuristic data. The activities further suffer due to
a lack of adequate technology that can extract and connect, in
real-time, an extensive range of unstructured, disparate and
heterogeneous data attributes from criminal records. These data
attributes could be grouped under three categories: _IMAGE, SPEECH__,
and previously recorded non-uniform TEXT-DATA_. It is not feasible to
utilize currently available simple software algorithms in computing such
complex data structures. Staqu solved this problem with its proprietary,
advance hybrid AI technology which amalgamates different neural network
models to process image speech and text to extract meaningful
information that aid in decision making.

Along the same lines, Staqu will be implementing an advanced model of
its proprietary research with the Dubai Police, as part of the MoU.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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