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New Delhi, June 21, 2018: Dwirupa Furniture Range: 
The Sanskrit word ‘Dwirupa’, meaning dual faces, highlights the duality in terms of design, usage and aesthetics. The colors are inspired by the harmony of earth and sky. Jaipur Blue Pottery Tiles combines effortlessly with Warli Inlay to create an ethereal range of accent furniture. The collection includes coordinated products ranging from a pouf to a foldable bar table. (Price Range: Upto – INR 1,25,000)
Aranya Furniture Range:
Completely charming and also very functional, this Gond furniture range is inspired by the Gondwana forest in Madhya Pradesh. Every piece is customisable- change the artwork or the colors as per your need. The artwork is painted by a master artisan, on a tinted wood base and then coated to provide a stain proof and resilient surface. This furniture range is made with sheesham wood. (Price Range: Upto – INR 60,000)
Dokra Banyan Tree:
The word Dokra or Dhokra was used to specify a group of travelling craftsmen scattered over Bengal, Orissa and Madhya Pradash who were identified by their marvelously fashioned and ornamented metal goods. Dokra Metal Craft is considered as the oldest form of metal casting also called the lost wax process. This painstaking method of casting is with the substitution of wax with molten metal by the traditional hollow casting method. A new mould is made with every piece. There are multiple steps involved in creating the final product. The staple material is  scrap Brass. The products include beautifully embellished horses, elephants, peacocks, owls, figurines, bowls and lamp caskets. (Price Range: Upto – INR 95,000)
Shola Coffee Table:
Trown Brass and a Brass Bird on Teak Wood. ( Price Range: Upto – INR 53350)
Sanjhi Lamps:
Vibrant and bliss! This lamp has Sanjhi art, traditional form of stenciled paper cutting on it,  beautifully cut to an image. When lit, these will create a perfect mood! (Price Range: Upto – INR 8,500)

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