This winter, give your body the nourishment it needs with Body Cupid’s range of Body Butters


New Delhi, December 13, 2018: Sometimes mistaken for a novelty, body butters are actually a necessary step in any hydration routine. In winters, when the skin needs an extra hand hydrating, a  body butter cream is an essential in every girl’s beauty bag. Body Cupid has got your skin feeling hydrated and nourished with their body butter formulas that you’ll be glad to have a hand on this winter.

Give your skin that lingering caress of intense hydration with Body Cupid’s Body Butters. Enriched with nature’s finest butters, oils and extracts, these deliver such deep moisturization and ample nurturance that dryness disappears leaving behind velvety smooth and lustrous skin that’s a joy to touch.

Their range of body butter creams provide your skin with intensive suppleness boosting the hydration. The products are totally free of harmful sulphates, parabens for first-rate body care; perfect for everyday use and for all skin types. Take your pick from their ravishing range of body butters.

The products are priced at: INR 1,099

Body Cupid Pink Lotus Body Butter – 250gms
Enhance your skin with Body Cupid’s Pink Lotus body butter. A soothing and nourishing blend containing Pure Pink Lotus extract and 7 Premium Botanical Oils. It provides intensive moisturising and keeps the skin soft and glowing

Body Cupid Red Plum Body Butter – 250mgs
Enhance your skin with Body Cupid’s Red Plum body butter. Enriched naturally with Vitamin C , Red Plum extract and 7 highly nourishing Premium Botanical Oils. It hydrates and also acts as an anti-aging protection to your skin. Use regularly to keep dryness away.

Body Cupid Shea & Argan Oil Body Butter – 250gms
Pamper your skin with Body Cupid’s Shea & Argan Oil body butter. Deeply nourishing and hydrating with Pure Argan oil , Vitamin E and essential fats that soothe, heal and nourish your skin.

Body Cupid Ambrosia Body Butter- 250gms
Give your skin intensive anti-ageing protection with Body Cupid’s Ambrosia Body Butter. It is enriched with highly beneficial Neroli essential oil and many other nourishing premium botanical butters and oils. Regular use delivers deep hydration and ample antioxidant protection to your skin, keeping dryness at bay and making your complexion radiant and lustrous

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