Fashion Socks By Monte Carlo are Game Changer


New Delhi, January 12, 2019: No glam utility sock is passé, now they have their unique existence in the wardrobe and  does more than keeping the feet warm.  Nowadays, people are realizing that socks also make a fashion statement and are just as important sartorially as the rest of the garments. Realizing this trend, leading apparels company Monte Carlo has launched latest collection of socks with exciting and exhilarating designs colors and patterns. With this, people can have designer socks now.

 The socks are made from a premium quality blend of fibers. People will now match their dresses and garments with the most interesting pair of socks and make a fashion statement.

These are extremely comfortable socks but at the same time can withstand multiple washes without getting faded or shrunk. The elastics are of very high quality and lasts very long.

 “People are looking for new accessories and garments to make a more formidable fashion statement these days. They are also looking at socks that have very good quality fabric and does not produce foul odor easily. To cater to these people, we have come up with the new collection of socks which will suit every need. There are socks in every color possible with a lot of interesting patterns and styles. These socks are a unique blend of quality, elegance, and craftsmanship,” says Ms. Monika Oswal, Director, Monte Carlo Fashions Pvt Ltd.

With a wide range of socks in different prints and patterns the “Fashion Socks” collection will let fashion conscious people flaunt style and quality. These socks are available in attractive pastel shades and various length such as full length, ankle length and sheer to serve all purpose footwear wear.

The new collection is available at Monte Carlo’s exclusive stores, as well as at more than 1200 multi-brand outlets.

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)