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New Delhi, October 09, 2017: Centuries ago before cameras were invented, artists captured visuals onto various surfaces such as canvas or stone through mediums of painting and sculpting. With the invention of the camera, this role was reassigned to the photographer who was considered a documenter of the times.

Gradually, photographers with creative and innovative minds transformed photography to the next stage through experiments in their dark rooms. They expanded their vision as they begun to enter the creative space, once limited to the fine arts.

In today’s day and age, as both the

photographer and artist turn “digital”, it has ignite their imagination and fueled their creative power even further. In fact having cameras on our mobile phones has made each one of us a “photographer”, enthusiastically clicking, playfully editing and sharing our photo works across social media platforms.

This exhibition showcases photographic works of as diverse an age group as 10-65 year olds, including professional photographers, artists and young photo enthusiasts. As I curated this show, I found each one having their own inner perception and sensitivity, many of them bringing their own artistic style to their photography. The quality of the photographs presented is proof of this. I have enjoyed this journey and the spirit of togetherness I experienced among the participants as we prepared for the show.

Hopefully for participants the complete process, from "clicking to exhibiting"will positively play an important role in their creative journey ahead.

"PANORAMA" A Photography Show by ORIGIN (A group of artists) Cordially invites you to "PANORAMA" (A photography show) curated by Shobha Broota, 
bringing out hidden talent of photographers, artists & young enthusiasts 

Date – 01st Oct to 14th Oct 2017
Time – 11am to 08pm

D-41/807, 100ft. Road, Chattarpur, Near Qutub Minar Metro Station, New Delhi – 110074

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