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National Business Leadership & Service Excellence Awards, 2017 have been pioneered by the Praxis Media Group to recognise and honor the Innovators, Leaders and Achievers for their commitment to excellence, best practices and innovative strategies for the continuing development of the Business Leadership & Service Sector. The rationale behind these awards is to celebrate and felicitate excellence, reputation and exemplary work in the Business Leadership & Services Sector in the most noteworthy manner. The recipients of these awards are visionaries who have made the difference, creating an edge above peers. They are the individuals and organizations who epitomize strength, ingenuity, knowledge, foresight and who drive the growth of the business Leadership & service sector with their vision and inspiration. National Business Leadership & Service Excellence Awards, 2017 will not only be a defining moment for the winners, but also intend to inspire others towards bigger and better achievements.


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At the OTC Derivatives Collateral & EMIR MasterClass the participants will:

• Be aware of the fundamental purpose and structure of derivative products

• Understand the similarities/differences between exchange traded derivatives and OTC derivatives

• Recognize the processing life cycle of a range of derivative products

• Understand what causes exposures in OTC Derivative trades and the purpose of collateral

• Appreciate the role of legal documentation and associated collateral management

• Comprehend the reasons for and detail of the EMIR regulation

• Understand the treatment of both centrally cleared and non centrally cleared trades

Delegates will find this event to be fast-paced and highly interactive, with Michael Simmons at all times encouraging the delegates to ask questions and to seek clarification of concepts. In order to maximise the learning opportunity, delegates are encouraged to actively participate throughout the course. Delegates can expect to undertake multiple exercises and simulations, enabling the delegates to prove their understanding of the many concepts covered.

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Blockchain 101 MasterClass was designed to provide an introduction to blockchain technology, its history and potential. In this MasterClass, you will learn from Peter Bidewell how the underlying technology of Bitcoin has evolved over the last few years into a tool that will change how we share value over the internet. The session will include:

Learning outcomes:

1. Set the foundation of understanding of the technology

2. Identify where the most viable use case would be within your own organisation

3. Review of blockchain platforms and blockchain based apps

4. Become aware of regulatory considerations and perspectives

5. Hear functional solutions of application

6. Identify viable use cases and co-creating a value proposition

For more information, please visit our website and request the training agenda.

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Since last years’ European Payments Forum, many has changed within the industry, so it is time to organize our 4th Annual European Payments Forum, which will discuss both the changes and the future forecast of the topic. The FinTech war has just began, which will change the entire business and effect all stakeholders as well. Learn more about Blockchain from well-known topic experts and debate if banks are ready for the adoption.

Hear more about PSD 2 and its improvement on the payment experience from different point of view. What is the long and short term impact of this regulation and forest the regulatory landscape?

Join our Round Table Discussion to debate on banking (r)evolution and the technological innovations within the industry; do they disrupt or improve different processes?

Our aim is to bring together representatives from all different companies that are part of the payment industry in order to hear the most emerging issues they face and the solution to cope with these challenges.


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Risk management in banking had to overcome many changes in past years mainly in response to regulations that emerged from the global financial crisis. And there are still new challenges ahead, risk management will experience even more extensive change in the next decade.

The 7th Annual Risk Management Forum will provide opportunities for attendees to listen insights, guidelines, practices from regulatory bodies, leading industry associations and banks/central banks.

During the event participants will hear about the latest regulations, impacts of IFRS 9, Stress testing practices, developments in risk measurement and there are many more topic on board.



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