Prohibitive costs dissuade small and medium industries in employing experienced HR professionals on their rolls and thus they run short of effective advice on HR and Industrial Relations. Close competition in global markets has lead to outsourcing of jobs. But in India, outsourced employees are governed by special laws protecting their interests. Any fault on the part of small and medium industries meeting the basic requirements of such laws will make them liable to absorb outsourced employees as regular employees in view of various Supreme Court judgments. Lack of knowledge in this aspect is making small and medium industries vulnerable for litigation and interference from outside union leaders hampering their manufacturing activities. Apart from this roadblock, there is no right coaching for line managers in people management and this is causing concern.

To address these issues NulineHR Consulting in Bangalore is offering cloud consulting which works out as the most cost effective solution and is easily affordable for any small or medium industries. This innovative service cuts cost on travel and time where small and medium industries can have the right advice at the right time within business hours.

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